Account settings

Often it is necessary to create user account settings for modules. You can do that by extending the User entity with properties.

Create the user property on the server before implementing the client.

  1. Create a new file SettingsPanel.js:

    /* global go, Ext */ = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
            title: t("Address book"),
            iconCls: 'ic-contacts',
            labelWidth: 125,
            layout: "form",
            initComponent: function () {
                    //The account dialog is an go.form.Dialog that loads the current User as entity.
                    this.items = [{
                            xtype: "fieldset",
                            items: [{
                                            xtype: "addressbookcombo",
                                            hiddenName: "addressBookSettings.defaultAddressBookId",
                                            fieldLabel: t("Default address book")
  2. Add this file to scripts.txt

  3. Edit Module.js and add the new “userSettingsPanel” to the array:

    /* global go */
    go.Modules.register("community", "addressbook", {
            mainPanel: "",
            title: t("Address book"),
            userSettingsPanels: [""],