Rocket Chat

Since version 6.4.145 Group-Office can integrate with Rocket.Chat. With rocket chat you can chat with your team in different channels, share files and even start a video conference from your desktop, phone or tablet!


Rocket Chat


To install you need a working Rocket.Chat installation. See the Rocket.Chat documentation for that.

Login to Rocket.Chat as administrator and:

  1. Important: Disable OTP authentication at Administration -> Settings -> Accounts or it won’t work.

  2. go to Administration -> Settings -> OAuth.

  3. On the top right choose “Add custom oauth”.

  4. Note the callback URL / or redirect URI on top. For some reason they made it grey so it doesn’t stand out. You need that later when adding the client in Group-Office.

  5. Fill in your URL to Group-Office plus /api/oauth.php. For example:

  6. Copy the settings from the image below. Instead of the example password choose a strong password.:

  7. Login to Group-Office and go to System Settings -> Oauth 2.0

  8. Click “Add client” and fill in the fields:

    • Match the “Identifier” and “Secret” from step 5.

    • Enable “Is confidential”

    • The redirect URI is the callback URL on top of the Rocket.Chat custom oauth page. It’s marked in the red square in the screenshot below:


      The input should look like this:

  9. Click save and test if you can login with Group-Office. You should see a “Login with Group-Office” button.



If you get an error double check these settings:

  • Administration -> General -> Site URL. It has to match for the openid handshake to work.

  • Administration -> Oauth -> Groupoffice: check if id and secret match the parameters in the Group-Office client. Also verify the other fields.