To migrate Group-Office to another server you need to backup all data files and the database.


The filesystem paths shown here might be different in your environment.

Create the backup

Determine where the data files are stored (You can also just open config.php and lookup the value instead of using ‘cat’ and ‘grep’ on linux):

cat /etc/groupoffice/config.php | grep file_storage_path

This outputs:


Now create an archive of this path:

tar czf groupoffice-files.tar.gz /var/lib/groupoffice

This command outputs the database parameters (You can also just open config.php and lookup the values instead of using ‘cat’ and ‘grep’ on linux):

cat config.php | grep db

This outputs:


you might want to disable Group-Office so nobody can work in it anymore by adding this to config.php:

$config['enabled'] = false;

Now create a dump of the database:

mysqldump groupoffice -u groupoffice -p > groupoffice-20190101.sql

You might want to compress this file to save bandwidth:

tar -czf groupoffice-database.tar.gz groupoffice-20190101.sql

Now we’ve packed up all necessary files in archives:

  • groupoffice-files.tar.gz
  • groupoffice-database.tar.gz

Installing the backup on the new server

  1. Install a clean Installation following this manual. You can install a newer version. Pick a version that can upgrade your current version. Please refer to the upgrade page.

  2. Copy the archives created to the new server in /tmp

  3. Replace the file folder with the groupoffice-files.tar.gz contents. For example:

    # change to /tmp
    cd /tmp
    # unpack archive
    tar -zxf groupoffice-files.tar.gz
    #backup the existing folder (should be empty but to be safe)
    mv /var/lib/groupoffice /var/lib/groupofficebak
    # move unpacked folder to /var/lib
    mv groupoffice /var/lib/
    # replace www-data with your web server user in the following command
    chown -R www-data:www-data /var/lib/groupoffice
  4. Replace the database with the mysqldump created in the backup. For example:

    # change to /tmp
    cd /tmp
    # unpack archive
    tar -zxf groupoffice-database.tar.gz
    # Import dump file to mysql
    mysql groupoffice -u groupoffice -p < groupoffice-20190101.sql
  5. Run /install/ to finish.


If you run into this error when importing the database dump file:

ERROR 1118 (42000) at line x: Row size too large (> 8126). Changing some columns to TEXT or BLOB may help. In current row format, BLOB prefix of 0 bytes is stored inline

Then try to add this line on top of the dump file:

set innodb_strict_mode=0;

and retry.