In the “Files” tab you can manage your personal files and share folders with other users. The files module is integrated in most other modules as well. So you can add files to Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Appointments etc.

Files module

Home folder

The files module supports:

Share folders

It’s easy to share folders in Group-Office. Any user can do it. If you want to create a shared folder for the whole organization it’s recommended to do this as the “admin” user. Take the following steps:

  1. Right click on the folder that you want to share and click ‘Properties’

    Share folder 1
  2. Check ‘Activate sharing’

    Share folder 2
  3. Add the right user groups in the ‘Permissions’ tab.

    Share folder 3

The folder will show up under shared for other users. Not for the user that shared it.

Share folder 4



The Group-Office Assistant is a small program that you can install on your Windows, MacOS or Linux computer. It will automatically download files opened from Group-Office and monitor it for changes. When the file is saved it automatically uploads it back to Group-Office.

It also assists in mounting a network drive.

Download it for:

Microsoft Office Online

Mirosoft Office Online

By becoming a Microsoft partner, we can offer Microsoft Office Online to everyone. You need an Office 365 for business subscription.

In our cloud version it’s already configured by default. Right click on a file and edit with “Office Online” and make it the default if you desire.

You can also host Office Online yourself and integrate it with Group-Office. Read more about that here:

LibreOffice Online

LibreOffice Online

LibreOffice Online

With LibreOffice Online you can edit office documents in your browser. You need a working LibreOffice Online server. More info on

For installing read the LibreOffice online installation page.




Run your private office with Group-Office and OnlyOffice.

Designed to make collaboration easy. A complete productivity suite to run your entire business with.

Edit Text Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations online in your browser.

For installing read the OnlyOffice installation page.


You mount Group-Office as a network drive on your workstation.

For more information read the page: Connect a device.