Errors on the Group-Office server will be logged trough PHP. Normally you can find errors in the webserver error log. When using apache this is:


ActiveSync is implemented with the Z-push library. This will log errors to:



When $config[‘debug’] = true; is set in config.php. Then debug info will be logged into:


Z-Push / Microsoft ActiveSync

Either when $config[‘debug’] = true; or $config[‘zpush2_loglevel’] = 32; is set in config.php. Then additional ActiveSync information will be logged into:


If you want to debug specific users you can set:

$config['zpush2_special_log_users'] = ['username1', 'username2'];

Command Line tools

You can also monitor resources with the top tool:

php ./modules/z-push/z-push-top.php

You can also manage devices with the admin tool:

php ./modules/z-push/z-push-admin.php


In a multi instance environment you can set the HTTP_HOST environment variable to switch between instances:

export HTTP_HOST=myinstance.example.com