Document templates

In Account settings -> Document templates, you can upload documents to be used as templates. Supported are:

Micosoft Office

  • Microsoft Word (docx)

  • Microsoft Excel (xlsx)

Libre Office / Open Office

  • Open Document Text (odt)

  • Open Document Spreadsheet (ods)

In these templates you can use Template variables.

Create a document template

Go to ‘Account settings’ -> ‘Document templates’ to see the list of the available document templates:


Document template list

Click “Add” to open the create dialog. Enter a name and upload your template. Inside this document you can use Template variables that will be replaced when you use the template to create a new document at contact, organization, project etc.


Document template add dialog

Use a document template

From items that support document templates like a contact, organization, project etc. click on the ‘Add’ button and select ‘Document from template’:


Document template use

A dialog will open where you can enter the document name and select the relevant sources for the template:


Document template use dialog

Click ‘Ok’ to save the document to the item and open it directly.