All items in Group-Office are protected with permissions. For example address books, task lists, calendars, Note categories, Billing books and project types have access control. When you setup permissions you can add user groups and users to the access control list. There are different levels of permission:



Read only

All items are read only


Users may create new items but can’t change them afterwards.


Full write access


Delete is allowed


The user can do everything and can also change the permissions.

Sharing works similar for most items. You can access the share dialog via the menu in the address book for example:


Share via menu


Share dialog


If you can’t find users to share with it’s probably due to them being invisible. Read more about that in the Visibility of users section.

Global address book

If you want to create a global shared address book it is recommended to add this address book as the “admin” user so it won’t be deleted along with a regular user when this employee leaves the company for example.

Default permissions

By default items are only shared with the administrator and owner. You can change that at the Default permissions. You can also add a group or user to all existing items.