Account settings

Click on your avatar in the top right corner and select “My account” to change your account settings.

My Account

My Account


On this tab you can change your:

  • Photo / Avatar
  • Username
  • Display name
  • Password

You can also setup two factor authentication with Google Authenticator.


When the address book module is installed. You can set your profile here. A contact is created in the users address book when you enter your profile. The users address book is configurable at System settings -> Users -> Settings.



Look and Feel


  • Regional settings
  • Notification and sound settings
  • Theme and user interface options

Working week

Setup the number of hours your work each day of the week. This information is used in the holidays and absence module to calculate the number of hours for periods. It’s also used in the time tracking module.


Configure what will be synchronized to other devices.


Depending on the modules that are installed other tabs appear here too.