Upgrading on Debian / Ubuntu

Core system

Running 6.3 or higher

To upgrade minor releases run:

apt-get update
apt-get install groupoffice

Major release upgrade

When the second digit increases in the version number we call this a major release. For example when upgrading to 6.4 from 6.3. When upgrading to the next major release follow these steps prior to the above:

  1. Run the above command first to upgrade to the latest 6.3.

  2. Then open your browser to update the database.

  3. Then you need to adjust the repository in:


    For 6.4 change it to:

    deb http://repo.group-office.com/ 64-php-71 main

    Or when running PHP 7.0:

    deb http://repo.group-office.com/ 64-php-70 main

From older versions than 6.3

  • First checkout the blog post about this release

  • 6.3 offers quite a lot of changes. It’s strongly recommended to upgrade in a test environment first.

  • After the upgrade you should consider replacing the “gota” module with the new “assistant” module for better file editing on the desktop.

  • Typically the Custom CSS module was used to replace the logo. To take advanage of the new System Settings -> Appearance features you should remove this CSS code.

  • If you customized language then you should convert this to the new language Customize system.

  • If your system is older than 6.2 your system probably depends on mcrypt. If you migrate to a new server and you run into email password problems you might need to install https://pecl.php.net/package/mcrypt to decrypt email passwords. If you have plain MD5 hashes in your pa_mailboxes database table run this SQL query:

    update `pa_mailboxes` set `password` = concat("{PLAIN-MD5}", `password`) WHERE `password` NOT LIKE '{%' AND `password` NOT LIKE '$%';


  1. Make sure you’re on the latest 6.2 version.

  2. Make sure you’ve installed the “customfields” and “search” modules as they will become part of the Group-Office core.

  3. Uninstall the old “groupoffice-com” package but do NOT deconfigure the database:

    apt-get remove groupoffice-com
  4. If you made manual changes inside /usr/share/groupoffice (Like installing z-push for example). The the package manager will leave these folders intact. To avoid problems move /usr/share/groupoffice away before installing:

    mv /usr/share/groupoffice /root/groupofficebak
  5. Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and remove:

    deb http://repos.groupoffice.eu/ sixtwo main
  6. Now do a fresh install of the 6.3 Debian package. But note:

    • When the installer asks to install a database choose “NO”.
    • When the installer asks to replace /etc/groupoffice/config.php, choose “Keep the local version currently installed”.
    • Use 63-php-70 or 63-php-71 for the repositiory instead of the 6.4 one.

Continue at Installation on Debian or Ubuntu.


If you’re upgrading from a previous 6.3.x or higher version simply run:

apt-get install groupoffice-mailserver

Or if you also installed the anti spam and virus package:

apt-get install groupoffice-mailserver groupoffice-mailserver-antispam

Upgrading from 6.2

1. To upgrade from 6.2 you must start with a clean system by removing all previous software and configuration. Make a backup!:

apt-get purge groupoffice-mailserver dovecot* postfix* clamav* spamassassin amavisd-new
  1. Then install the new package:

    apt-get install groupoffice-mailserver
  2. Move the mail to the new location:

    mv /home/vmail/* /var/mail/vhosts
    rmdir /home/vmail
  3. Remove no longer required packages:

    apt-get autoremove