iOS (iPhone or iPad)

On iOS you can connect using ActiveSync. You can synchronize:

  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • E-mail
  • Tasks (Called “Reminders” on iOS)

To setup an ActiveSync account take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings and lookup the “Accounts & Passwords” page.

  2. Click on “Add account”.

  3. Now tap on “Exchange”.

  4. Fill in your e-mail address and an account description

  5. In the popup dialog choose “Configure manually”.

  6. Now enter your password.

  7. iOS now attempts to discover settings on the domain of your e-mail address. In this example “”. It is likely to fail because this is not the correct ActiveSync server address. It give a certficate error. Just ignore it by clicking “Continue”.

  8. Enter your Server hostname and username.

  9. In the final screen you can optionally disable some apps.


10. Now you must give it some time to sync everything and check your contacts, e-mail and calendar for your Group-Office data!