Command Line Interface

Group Office also has a Command Line Interface. To implement this do the following:

  1. Create a controller that extends the abstract controller in folder ‘go/modules/tutorial/music/cli/controller’:

    namespace go\modules\tutorial\music\cli\controller;
    use go\core\Controller;
    class CliDemo extends Controller {
      public function hello($name = "World") {
        echo "Hello $name!\n";
  2. Run (Notice the path is case sensitive!):

    sudo -u www-data php /usr/share/groupoffice/cli.php tutorial/music/CliDemo/hello --name=Merijn

    or with docker-compose:

    docker-compose exec --user www-data groupoffice-master php /usr/local/share/groupoffice/cli.php tutorial/music/CliDemo/hello --name=Merijn
  3. This should output:

    Hello Merijn!


Command line methods always run as the administrator user so you should probably need to sudo into the web user (www-data)

Specify config file

If you have a multi instance environment you can specify the config file location with the ‘c’ argument:

php /usr/share/groupoffice/cli.php tutorial/music/CliDemo/hello --name=Merijn -c=/etc/groupoffice/multi_instance/