System TasksΒΆ

The system tasks tab enables you to schedule automated tasks. These automated tasks are commonly referred to as cron jobs, after the cron scheduling sysstem in most common Unix systems.

System Settings - System Tasks

System settings - System Tasks

The configuration of the scheduled jobs is easy:

Edit a system task

Edit a system task

When a scheduled task is disabled, it exists, but will not run at the scheduled time.

The Expression field refers to the time and date fields that a scheduled job runs. The syntax for this field is the same as the /etc/crontab file. The five fields are separated by spaces and are respectively minute, hour, day of month, month and day of week. In the screen shot above, the scheduled job is simply run every day at midnight. For more syntax options, simply refer to the crontab manual page or the online documentation.


The BuildSearchCache system task is disabled by default. You can manually enable it, but it will automatically disable itself. This is by design; a reindex may take a long time and should be done carefully.